Monday, September 24, 2007

Pizza Guido review

There are a nice Italian restaurant next to Driver License Center in Crossroads , Belevue and just next to it, on the corner ,facing movie theater there is a pizzeria GUIDO. :-) ( It sounds like GUID :-) very Techi )

As you already know I had a favorite pizza places in NYC and Phillie, but did not found one here yet.

Of course BEST PIZZA I ever had was in Mario's backyard, but what one have to do when craving for pie?

There are OK pizza in Redmond City Center joint ( not Shmiza of course, but one that has real oven and is full blown restaurant as well)

Ok, back to GUIDO.

Pizza there is good and won my 1st place award for commercials pizza in North West so far :-)

While owner like wive and have a very nice collection ( some cost as much as 5000$ per bottle) both of his restaurants are very good.

I confused him a little by joking about DOC pizza ( certification form Napoli, Italia), but I did ordered two classical pizzas to try and both was very good.

They do not have pizza with Gorgonzola ( not Italian ?) but he like to use garlic nevertheless in Marinara.

He use a very nice ingredients and pie is very nicely formed, almost too perfect and baked to perfection : no burning parts. May be it is too perfect :-), almost like fine pastry, but it does taste very good so.

He have oven and even so it is not wood burning one, but gas, it is still brick oven and it bake real pie.

As I said, they have nice wine and some desert, that is also very good.

They serve espresso and while it is common for Northwest, unlike Philadelphia where you can not get one eve in Italian part of town in restaurant, they do serve a GOOD espresso in nice warm cap.

Bottom line : Very good place to have pizza. Highly recommended. So far my top choice.

Have a good one!

Oven is still on the way ... Mario azohinway!

I should write comedy about my oven project . Truck is on it way ...
Well, may be this year ...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I knew it was coming

I saw a lot of non-pizzas, but this one is realy... American;-) talk
about thinking diferent...Oreo Pizza!!! Maestro... Drum roll please;-)

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Good news!

Good news!
Mario told me that oven should be on Seattle port today! We may eat
our pizza in September with some luck!