Saturday, April 23, 2011

How to make a REAL Humus salad/spread ... but not that quick

OK, so if you have time and want to be genune, you need to start in advance.

Get a dry hummus beans. You can find these beans (as any other beans) for really cheap.

Wash and soak for several hours.

Cook with a lot of water till you can eat/ smash.

Be careful: when you boil beans they can foam up.

Once it done and all is cooled down to nice warm, you just do as described in my previous post about fake humus, but use a real beans.

You can use some of that humus water if your humus is too dry (scoop some when you add beans to blender: of course, only this one will do! 

If your humus is too dry , just scoop some more water and add to blender.

This one can be really tasty and so much cheaper than humus you can find in store :)

Dress as you like and enjoy with warm pitta bread!

Bon Appetite!