Saturday, March 29, 2008

Great pizza sauce

It takes only 2 ingredients and Mario discovered it here in USA- one need to find the best working local ingredients :-). Tomatoes come from Costco: it is organic = good for you . Also it is very cheap in packs they sold. It is not as good as making it from ripe fresh ones, but off season tomatoes and time make us use this excellent second best option. Note: you need ready cut, not paste or sauce - this one work best. All you do is open the can and add salt to your taste - less is more healthy, more is more tasty;-) I use sea salt and recommend you do the same. Quickly run it through the blender: almost any will do - just 5-10 seconds : you do not need Blendtec Total Blender (that will work too and if you have it you may not even bother opening the can and get some extra Iron in your diet )

for this task:-) caned tomatoes are soft and even pre-cut. So , put in some plastic container and you are ready to make pizza!!! Bon Apetito! If you need a receipt for great Italian pizza dough just click on left or here .