Monday, September 1, 2008

A Truly Japanese tasting pizza by chef Miuki-san

Japanese people like international food a lot, but they are famous for national customizations. Japanese rendition of Italian food is kind of OK (safe to eat when you are in Japan), but Japanese pizza is not what you may think ( will break when you lift a slice). I can not duplicate Japanese crust (or do not want to) - it made from frozen pastry disks stacked one on top of another, but visiting Japanese chef : Miuki-san ( you may see her on Iron chef competitions on TV) agreed to use DOC crust to create a Italian-Japanese hybrid of pizza :-)

What makes pizza taste "Japanese" is of course "special ingredients" :-) : you need to use potatoes, corn and mayonnaise as well as teriyaki sauce :-) All that combined has a lots of calories, but tastes just right to the average Japanese person. :-)

Watch this video if you dare to duplicate our culinary experiment :