Friday, May 8, 2009

Where to get bricks for pizza oven

I forgot to mention that I got my bricks in 

You can find location close to you house using their web site. They may-have different things in different locations and open hours may not be the same.

MM have pavers, blocks, red bricks , fire bricks and both regular mortar and refractory one you may need for fire bricks ( yes,  regular mortar will not hold and crumble in fire). 

Please pay attention that refractory mortar mix may be water solvable or water proof: check this if you do not have rain protection and say want to build a chimney.

These are locations close to Redmond.

Note, you may be able to get red bricks in Home Deport, but make sure you get a build quality. If you oven is small you may not be needing codes (do check with your local authorities), but you should make sure you build oven strong enough: you do not want it collapse or melt away, so check what "type" of blocks or bricks you buy : is it outdoor or not? Is it UNDER or OVER ground ? Is it strong (wall bricks) or just crumbling pawers?

If you buy in "professional place" like Mutual Materials, they can tell you that: they may be not so friendly with non-contractor (hobbyist like you or me), but they know their shit, unlike friendly but "without much clue" Home Deport employes (as a rule).

One more VERY important thing: BRICKS and CEMENT MIX (and all freaking build materials in general) are HEAVY AS HELL.


1) You need all help you can get.
2) You need protection : gloves, boots, glasses and may be a belt.
3) You will need to get TRACK: you should not try move more than about 50 bricks or couple bags of mortar in your regular car.
4) Take your time, do not rush and prepare your work place first. Rain protect it BEFORE you buy. Do not take more bricks or bags than you can safely lift!
5) Have fun and enjoy! Bricks are fun: it is like LEGO for grown up! :-)