Friday, June 22, 2007

Design 1

I guess I was inspired by this guy, who used red brick, but I was looking for real fire bricks:
I do not like to eat it in my pizza.

While we do not have it here in Home Deport ( ?!) , in Japan they do have it in small town near Kyoto! I was amazed how much better "JapHome Deport" is.

So, with real fire bricks and some improvised parts I created this simple design.

Here is a list of parts I used :

1) Real Fire bricks to build oven internals
2) Steel grill for ... err grill :-) I got a nice big and strong one to hold the roof of oven ( top briks of flat roof)
3) Some steel wire to hold it toghther ( not such a good choise and not realy needed)
4) Block for foundation - what I found on backyard
5) Some road briks for insualtion - what ever I found around :-) Also used to form a roof and door for oven

Also, I got fire wood. Latter on I tried nice wood charcoild as well.

Ok. Now Let see it all setp by step.

Preparation for Oven 1

Before I went to Japan I did a small research about pizza oven projects over the Internet.
Below is a few cool sites I found.


One of the guys build a temporary oven from regular "red" bricks, not a proper fire bricks.
He was able to bake pizza as he claims, but he got bricks parts in it after a while : red bricks started to flake.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Japanese Job

Shortly after meeting Mario and his Fire Beast we went to Japan.

I was very hot on idea so I build my first oven in Kyoto in backyard!

It worked out realy well for small work I put in it and everbody loved it.


Here is a result : some very yummy pizzas, that tastes much better then this pictures looks.

Look Inside ...

Inside there are hot hot hot and FIRE !!!!

This is Italian Job !

Real pizza only cook like 2 minutes or less in such purgatory!

Mario's Beast

Mario's oven is Art Nuvo kind of device.

It have many layers, like famous Shrek, but it is not green as you see... yet ... Redmond weather should take care of that in a few years :-)

It was not build in one day, but it has real Italian heart inside (shipped to Redmond)
Some elements was added latter. Tuning and customization, yeah ...
Mario learn a lot during this project and he shared some wisdom with me.
What is most important he shared his inspiration and make it solid for me that I can do it.

Btw, Pizza oven make a great gathering place for parties, so that is one more reason you would want one :-)

How it all started ...

I do not remember when I started to love pizza. There is no pizza in country I was born :-)

It may well be because of my occupation: Pizza and coke considered to be a default feast for programmers.

Anyway, I guess that at some point I fell in love and started to look for a good pizza to munch on.

I do remember as I were making trips to downtown Philadelphia or NYC to eat pizza in my favorite places and of course, they all used a wood fire oven. I knew that at some point of time I will have to get one. Especially, when my wife and kids share my passion for a good pizza.

I was was very lucky indeed because eventually I met Super Mario !

He is one cool dude and he build real pizza oven in his backyard in Redmond.

As I found out Mario is an amazing guy in much more ways then just Italian cuisine.

Here is his blog, btw:

Needless to say, his pizza is THE best I ever had :-)

At this point of time my desire started to get more of a solid shape...