Thursday, June 21, 2007

How it all started ...

I do not remember when I started to love pizza. There is no pizza in country I was born :-)

It may well be because of my occupation: Pizza and coke considered to be a default feast for programmers.

Anyway, I guess that at some point I fell in love and started to look for a good pizza to munch on.

I do remember as I were making trips to downtown Philadelphia or NYC to eat pizza in my favorite places and of course, they all used a wood fire oven. I knew that at some point of time I will have to get one. Especially, when my wife and kids share my passion for a good pizza.

I was was very lucky indeed because eventually I met Super Mario !

He is one cool dude and he build real pizza oven in his backyard in Redmond.

As I found out Mario is an amazing guy in much more ways then just Italian cuisine.

Here is his blog, btw:

Needless to say, his pizza is THE best I ever had :-)

At this point of time my desire started to get more of a solid shape...