Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Making pizza snake

Mario is a great inventor of all times. When he is not hungry any more for DOC pizza his mind goes wild and his restless hands produce all kind of pizza art. Here is a picture of his latest invention: "staffed snake pizza". It is more like of "long callsone" I think.

While posing, Mario managed to DROP the staffed snake on the ground making it look like a real one: dusty! Great job, Maestro Mario!!! You rocks!

Pizza tossing art unlocks secrets of tiny motors

Yes, this is very cool. Read about it here.

You can also watch Mario doing it during our last party: He is a pro!

Here is a secret of pizza tossing:

"In brief, if you toss a pizza dough one toss at a time -- that is, if you toss then catch -- your hands should move in a helical fashion, like they are moving along a spiral, a curved line laid along a cylinder," Associate Professor Friend said.

"If you are tossing the pizza continuously, not stopping to catch it and stop every time, then your hands should move in circles."

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pizza and bread in Mario's place

if not Facebook on iPhone I may not eat a nice pizza that week end. :-)

Thanks to Mario post: "Walk-in's welcome" I did just that.

We had a great time, joking about "big jags" of his new girl friend and other boy staff.

We manage to make some pizza, but I some how lost the touch for a HUGE pill Mario have.

I got used to my mini-pill ( and can operate it even when drunk ), but I lost a confidence with huge and heavy one
Mario have, so I had to cheat some times and help pizza on with my hands. Shame :-)

Still, oven was hot and nice and dough was Mario made ( he lost Natasha's hands in this department and he have to
re-learn the trade) ;-) Anyhow, dough was nice.

Here are some pizza pictures ( deformed by my pill cheating )

Mario was brave and he fired both of his ovens. Second one was priming for bread! Nice! I had to go, so I could not see bread baking, but here is a pictures of it before. Note: oven should be much colder compare to pizza and all coils removed ( no red or fire - it will burn bread).

Yeah... that was nice, small party:-)

Thank you Don Mario!

Viva la Pizza!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pizza X Prize fund is about to send DOC pizza to space

"This is a small pizza for one oven, but a huge step for a humanity."
(Mario, co-founder)

"Yo!Beam me up, Scotty!""
(Vadim, founder)

PizzaXPrize fund is here to send pizza to space!

Here is a mission statement:

"Our mission is to deliver a real Italian D.O.C. pizza to space. We aim for the low Earth orbit first and will deliver pizza to ISS. Our next step will be the Moon. We will go on and will deliver a fresh, hot, pizza pie to other Premium Solar System destinations and beyond, as technology advances. Beam me up, Scotty!"