Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pizza and bread in Mario's place

if not Facebook on iPhone I may not eat a nice pizza that week end. :-)

Thanks to Mario post: "Walk-in's welcome" I did just that.

We had a great time, joking about "big jags" of his new girl friend and other boy staff.

We manage to make some pizza, but I some how lost the touch for a HUGE pill Mario have.

I got used to my mini-pill ( and can operate it even when drunk ), but I lost a confidence with huge and heavy one
Mario have, so I had to cheat some times and help pizza on with my hands. Shame :-)

Still, oven was hot and nice and dough was Mario made ( he lost Natasha's hands in this department and he have to
re-learn the trade) ;-) Anyhow, dough was nice.

Here are some pizza pictures ( deformed by my pill cheating )

Mario was brave and he fired both of his ovens. Second one was priming for bread! Nice! I had to go, so I could not see bread baking, but here is a pictures of it before. Note: oven should be much colder compare to pizza and all coils removed ( no red or fire - it will burn bread).

Yeah... that was nice, small party:-)

Thank you Don Mario!

Viva la Pizza!