Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pizza party for two

Weather was kind of NW typical weekend weather: sun & rain.

Maestro Mario moved his party to Sunday and we was not planing to have a grande party: I made rice and miso soup, but, sun shine for a moment convinced me that we can rock and roll. So I asked my dear to make a dough.

Granted, when I started to bake pizza, rain started to drizzle. Luckily, it was not a strong rain, so I could bake a lot of pizza for just a few guest: Mario managed to come over.

I think pizza turned out OK.

I even made on SUPER HOT PIZZA for Maya.

Here is a recipe for Super Hot Chines Pizza by me :-)

1) Roll out a pizza base
2) Put Thailand hot paste instead of tomato souse
3) Dress it with Mexican fire baked papers.
4) Add some smoked Tempei - yam yam
5) Sparkel with Blue Cheese
6) Some olive oil on top.
7) Bake to perfection
8) Presto ! ( I wrapped it in foil for Maya)

And finally, as usual, last pizza is Nutela pizza. I made a square one :-) for a change. Everybody like it.
( Just bake a crust without anything and dress it with Nutela). Mario some times bake it with Nutela on, but I do not like it,
it burnes Nutela. Also, you can put some olive oil on crust, but I think, the best is just bake pie without anything: like a Pita bread and put Nutela on top. Eat hot!.