Monday, June 30, 2008

Pizza hot from oven

90 or so seconds latter : yammy hot DOC pizza! Cut!!!!!

Pizza before going to the oven

It is almost DOC : all Italian, but caned tomatos , that is local ,
but good too.

Hot summer and hot pizza oven

It was realy hot yerstaday, but I fired oven regardless.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Going Glad Kosher or DOC in Italian : Antimo Caputo from Napoli

As you know we are going DOC pizza this summer : as a good start we
switch to Real flour for pizza. Mario just brought in this huge sack
of it! Wow! The only other change I have to make is get Italian
Tomatos and we are 100% D.O.C. Yezzzzz!!!!!

Pizza! Pizza! Mozarela, olives and blue

Oven was not very hot : it was late and I was in hurry to make pizza:
Mario came. It tasted good so despite longer cooking time.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ready for pizza party

See my new condiment tray ready and filled with most important staff. I did not use second one today: it is a small party.

How to split a free fire wood for pizza oven

As you already know I grabed some free fire wood. You also know that even a big splitting axe will not work. While you can get a hydraulic splitter for 200$ or so you can just get a 'wood greande' wedgy and a very big hummer :-) Use safety tools;-) It works and help you to burn these calories you loaded during pizza party and help you became a real man! Do not bother with simple flat wedgy so: get conical or diamond shaped with spike. You need to split each log in at least four and let it dry for about few month before you can split it futher using axe this time and burn in oven to make pizza .

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Condiment Tray

I picked two of these at World Market in Belevue , near Linkoln
square. They seems to be nice for pizza ingreadients: not too big, but
look nice and keep things organized. Nice! You can put some ice packs
inside, but I have to try how it works. The price is 15$