Monday, August 16, 2010

Pizza in the oven

Nothing special: just nice warm weather and good hot oven: finally my wood is dry, but not for long as summer is almost over.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Baking pitta bread in pizza oven

It happens naturally if you just make a pie without nothing. This is also a base for desert Nuttela pizza. You can put some olive oil if you like, but pitta is not suppose to have it. I think dough for pitta is a bit different, but it should be close to our simple pizza dough, so it some what close and it develops nice pocket all by itself :-) you may flip it to have both sides nicely done.

Rivers of olive oil baked

This is how it looks out of oven :-)
You can still see a nice color of good olive oil.

Apples and gorgonzola pizza

Usually we use green sour apples for this one, but a sweet verity worked very nice for a hot summer day :-) fragrant and spicy, do not forget olive oil and some fresh mozzarella of course.

Rivers of virgin olive oil

We had a nice end of summer pizza party. As usual, I did not skimp on a good olive oil :-) this is my signature of Russian DOC puzzaola :-)