Sunday, March 30, 2008

Great Books About Food

It all started from this book:

I love it so much it was on my coffee table for months. It is great conversation book for your guests. It is great book for cooking inspirations. French book show you cheese and wines and all foods specific for regions. I love France and I love this book. It has how-to as well.

My wife got this to know my home cooking better. It is amazing as well: with a lot of real pictures of food, places and Russian people, that are in majority not even Russian anymore, but Georgians, Ukrainians e.t.c.

This book we got as a tribute to Mario. It is great and looks very Italian

There are material on pizza there and you should not miss this one!

Finaly... Ya ... ya.. Valdemar ! We have some German friends and we like some of the German cooking, especially cakes.

The funny thing this book looks more Russian to me than Culinaria Russia. Go figure.

All books are very nice and very big with lots of pictures and amazing information. It is like travel books about food.

I say: GET EM ALL!