Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New chimney

After I finished my roof ... Rain started and I have to use atachment
I got in Home Deport. Few minutes latter I saw some thing strange
happened. When I came close I saw it melted :-) it is like aliens
blusted with power beam. Well... Aluminium is no match for that amount
of heat: big mistake: do not use any aluminium crap. I had to come
with improvised chimney to guard oven from rain: water on hot stone
can crack it. It worked realy well and with bursts of fire looked like
a dragon. I used 6 solid bricks and 2 so called standards with holes.
Regular red bricks even of the good quality I used can not be used :
they will flake with time. I will have to get fire bricks and
refractory concreat to finish a rain proof chimney.