Sunday, March 23, 2008

My second oven outside dimensions

It is roughly 74 by 49 inch and 36 inch tall without chimney , that is
now unfinished and is 14 inch tall. Pizza oven mouth is 17 inch wide
and 10 inch tall. Chamber depth is about 40 inch and internal height
is about 13 , but both chamber and mouth has half round pizza oven
shape that outside of the oven outlines. Also chimney goes through ,
so it is longer then it outside part, obviously. The front table depth
is 25 inch - probably bigger than any pizza oven you see, so you can
make it much smaller, but I like this design and use it to rest pizza
and other cooking utensils before and after baking: it is handy for
me. Btw: it is elevated from the ground by 40 inch: height I find
convenient for myself, but your miles may vary.