Sunday, April 21, 2013

Blendtec FAIL: humus overload! :)

It is too rainy to make pizza so I made humus. I used my trusty Blentec that I bought to replace blender I burned making ... You guested it: humus :) Blendetc was doing good but you need to add enough water to make it blend humus well. Now , I was trying to make a harder version on it and did not added much of liquids: I expected Blendtec just spin and i will mix in more water but ... Lo and behold: iPhone and metal bars crasher just gave up! I was not running it for long too: few shirt bursts less then minute overall. It is awesome it protected itself from burning out, but it is very wimpy after all these YouTube 'Will it blend?!' viral commercials. It feels almost like false in advertisement to me now :) mind you : my humus is not even dough consistency - you can cut trough it with you finger without effort, but it is not as watery as smoothy: not flowing but not hard or sticky on the other had. I will call it : Blentec FAIL. Not sure if VitaMax will do better - gotta ask my friends who have it. It is a great blender - I love you, but nothing can beat 'the humus', nothing unless you are a Chuck Noris ;)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sakura Sakura pizza oven san

Hi hi, Spring is here!
Time to make pizza
And drunk beer!