Saturday, April 23, 2011

How to make a fake Humus really quick!

OK, so when humus from store just does not cut (too much of this sour chemicals they dump in it or what not) a quick humus come to the rescue.

All you need is stock up on a Garbanzo Beans from Costco and have it in your pantry :)

Prepared humus is not suppose to store long, even in refrigerator and if it does survive, there is indication that it is not alive (and dangerous!) or plane not very tasty.

Here are a secret Ingredients:

1) Canned Garbanzo Beans (Humus beans!)

2) Lemon juice (fresh or from bottle)
3) Olive oil (use organic virgin first cold press if you can)
4) Garlic

5) Sea salt

6) ... and hard to get Tahini paste (stock up on this one too!)

You open the can, discard juice and use your power blender. Making humus is hard and my life was too, till I got this wonderful machine. I can not recommend it HIGH ENOUGH. It is THAT good!

Now, for one can of beans you need about two table spoons of tahini or more if you like, it may be salted so you do not need to add much salt. Add garlic (if you like) and other ingredients per you taste: experiment till you find proportions you love best: after all this is just a salad. Just try not to put too much salt, garlic or lemon juice :)

The end result should look like this: dress it with olive oil, paprika, petrozilia or pine nuts or even some humus beans and lemon juice: what every you like and scoop it with a fresh pitta bread!

It can be dome really quick in 10-15 minutes for a dinner.

Enjoy, bon appetite!