Saturday, March 15, 2008

Nobel Prize for pizza in space

Pizza: NASA can put a man on the moon but there is no way to get pizza on a space station or space shuttle mission. It just doesn't hold up. You can't freeze-dry pizza or dehydrate it very successfully and regular pizza delivery is probably a few decades off from becoming reality.

Astronaut Mike Massimino, a native New Yorker, misses good pizza. "It is hard to get good pizza in Texas. It is impossible in space we don't have it. Someone would get a Nobel Prize if they can figure out how to get pizza in space." There is also no ice cream in space. No freezer.

You can read a full story here but it made me laugh hard: may be me and Mario should figure out how to deliver pizza to space station from our back yards?

It look like a very profitable business: astronauts are hungry for pizza !

Btw, good pizza is hard to get not only in Texas,but in Washington as well. Till this time nothing beats our backyard pizzerias.