Thursday, February 26, 2009

Snow: no pizza today

Yeah it is wet snow: we can probably snowboard over oven, but I doubt
fire will catch up in such conditions;-)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pizza from Antarctica

It was wet and cold despite a good weather. Mario worked extra shifts
with shovel moving coals in and out. We managed to bake 10 pizzas ,
but it was a slow start: we had feed from grill and salad bar first.
Overall, party itself was crowded and a lot of fun. I even got drunk
despite that I was not intended to and started to play air guitar and
swing my hair in my kilt with Korn music in background. I was already
warmed up after karuoki session with 'O Sole Mia' that Mario and
others orcestrated very well. Great Success!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pizza Party

This Saturday, 7 of February, we will have a party. Hopefully a pizza party. We need sun and nice weather as we have it today.

Weather forecast is still ON ( but surrounded with two days of rain!)

Party starts at noon ( 12:00 ) - it is still dark early.

As usual, rules are simple: no street shoes in the house. :-) ( Japanese rule)

I will provide core ingredients and then some, but if you want to bring some thing special for you pizza or to make party "merry" you are welcome.

If you love my oven "Perestroika" you know what to bring to make it happy : round of seasoned wood ( easy to get in this cold season in almost any food store) it is balky item and I am glad when I can get it with guests ( oven is hungry for wood, especially when it is cold outside)

All friends are welcome!

If you can, please shoot me e-mail ( RSVP) so we know how much dough to make.

Come and let's have fun!