Sunday, January 20, 2008

Spazzo review

They took over other pizza joint in Redmind City Center. Look is still
cool. So wines and service. Fake gas oven now used for scilet warming
as well and Mexican chef produce a very sucky oily pies. You can do
better at home even if you do not have real oven as I do. That is a
shame : no we do not have any good comertial pizza in town I know
about: have to drive to Belevue. Notice : seriose pie also make some
strange round oily thing, but at least they put flavor , so you can
like enjoy it once: in this case we could not finish half and we were
hungry . My son did not finished single triangle ! That is bad sign
for pizza they make ;-) Mario, should we buy this place and make real
pizza?! People deserve better pie:-)!!!