Saturday, May 3, 2008

Oven burns

See what a quick touch to oven outside corner ( oven mouth) does: I was throwing wood in and wooops:-) be careful or wear protection...

Btw, it is safe to touch my oven almost anywhere: it has a very good insulation, like a space shuttle- it is actuality cold outside, unlike Russian Home Oven - Pechka, for example, even so mine looks very much like it :-), but there are few hot spaces where hit escapes and you should not touch these...

1) Chimney - very hot ( fire may got up and heat it)
2) Oven mouth - obviously, a lot of heat goes out of it and you have to interact with it, so execute care
4) Oven metal door : because it is metal it will get hot and will burn you, but it will also loose heat quick if you put it aside. But do wear some protection, will ya ?