Wednesday, August 15, 2012

How to roast green coffee like a boss - without a real roaster

OK, so my old Hot Top coffee roaster is broken again - need to replace motherboard or control panel. Do not have enough time now to debug and find what part is broken and what I need to order but I need coffee every day. Yes, I know, it is lame to buy it in store. But I run out of coffee and was to tired to go shopping :) so I did it like a boss.

I used my pop corn popper and camp stove to keep smoke outside. My pizza oven made a sturdy base. You need to crank fire up and put like 1/3 of coffee. Turn handle all the time, look and listen. You can easily hear first and second crack and color easy to see when you open lid. If you stop turning handle you can quickly burn some beans - try to be careful for uniform roast . Stop like 20 seconds in second crack or some thing you like :)
Put coffee out to cool down and keep agitating it with spoon or something .

Mmmmm... Freshly roasted beans taste and smell so gooooood!

Btw, I get my green beans from awesome SweetMarias online store ;)