Sunday, December 23, 2012

Best Tasting pizza in Japan, take 2!

We hit my favorite spot again this time. It is a truly hidden gem: Hakone Bakery.
It is located inside Odawara station and hard to find if you are looking for a pizza - there is no signs.

They have an oven and there are some Italian training, but what is important is how pizza taste.

My kids say it taste like home - like our pizza. But may be it taste even better - I love juicy tomato souse they use. It is very sweet and they put just enough salt - most Japanese pizzerias are shy on this and it make pizza taste a bit blunt. Not here. It is a total celebration of juicy sweet and salty goodness with heavenly crust and toppings. I think this is a pizza made with love.

This time we tries Margerita and Fungy - Japanese variety. Both were TOTALY awesome.

Same guy cooked for us. It is like we eat here yesterday but two years fly by. If you are in Hakone (enjoy hot springs) and go back via Shinkansen - try this amazing pie.