Monday, November 19, 2007

Real bread

My best half did poolish and we tried to bake first real bread.
Temperature was still too high, we cranked oven for pizza. Still,
bread turned out very nice: it rise in oven and despite shorter bake
time and some burns clean up it developed nice texture and taste
inside. I cut better looking one in 4 and that made nice presents,
while other one had to be cleaned up and sliced . It will make nice
sandwiches too.
Darling made a nice cake too: she put exact amount of fat and sugar so
it was realy yammy;-)

All we need now is to be patient enough and let oven cool down more
before we load bread.

I hope that laser termometer will help make better estimation of
inside temperature. I think rule if tumb: no burnig inside for bread .
May be I should remove all coals first .