Sunday, November 4, 2007

We shiped a solid beta!

After the storm ... All clean up... My kicked ass still a bit sore;-)
I ofitialy anonse: beta IS solid.

Pizza turned to be great. All steps including making dough with new
mixers worked. Tools worked. Pizza oven ruled even with unfinited roof.

I had a new design idea this mornig : make roof like a castle wall:
use top for fire wood: similary to what I did in japan.

Also that would start second part of the project: Pizza Outdoor. To
save my ass I will follow Mario's model and will run futhure parties
outdoor, espesisly when more people will come. That will help me to
trunsform my backyard to even more buitifull party place. I even have
more cool thing for kids: got some from Ikea. It will be a bit tricky
to come with nice design.. But I already dream about koi pool and
waterfall ;-)

I would like to thank all my beta testers: you are great!

And a HUGE thanks to Don Mario:-)!