Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bread in pizza oven

This time I took all fire and coil out from the oven and wiped floor
with wet t-shirt(Marios trick) . We used last, unfinished dough batch
that intended for pizza : it was not realy enough time.

I put both lougphs in and sprinkled all inside with water using
spraer. I did it again after 5 minutes. Closing oven door compleatly .
I rotated after about 20 minutes( back of oven was hotter) and after
another 20 took bread out. It took like 40 minutes and bread was just
a but burned on side that faced hot oven back. Bread turns out be
very nice and with a very good fragrance. That remained in plastic bag
as we eat it up during week.

We should try again, but with proper dough : I think it will be even
more delitioce!

I have to get more of red caviar: goes well with fresh oven bread.

Botom line: baking bread in pizza oven is possble and it is worth it:
smell and crast simply deliciose!