Saturday, January 10, 2009

Oven waits for next pizza

As I said I close the door when pizza is ready. Pay attantion on the
tool I made from some very old metal disk( probably come from Samurai
costume). I can nor close door in my big oven: it is air tight and
will chock, but this one is just fine: also door is not vertical, but
closed in tilt: that aloe air in. Chimney is not working as good: too
many hols without concreat , but oven works great and it price and
build time is simply unmatched: this is probably one of the quickest
and less expensive ways to enjoy a real Italian pizza pie in your back
yard: catch you do need at least 23 or so fire bricks: the floor is 6
bricks size: probably as small as it can be. I would make it bigger of
cource, if I only had more bricks or time to order ;-)