Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pizzeria Piano in Nara ( Japan ) - revisited

If you remember I spotted this place two years ago, but we did not eat there.
Here is a link ( in Japanese) to Piano

The place is very interesting and they use a correct Italian ingredients, as I saw, but pizza is lucking...

They have a very strange "split" between menu on first and second level it and menu itself is small. They also run out of ice cream flavors: like duh... It is Japan and super easy to get/make ( it takes me 30 minute to make a fresh ice cream from scratch).

Anyway, pizza looks more like it should be, but it does not seems/taste right. They also put too much cheese I think and some how crust turns out too soft. Oven also burns pie kind of uniformly ... but ... it does not look ... happy ?

Bottom line ?

This place and pizza luck "love" or "soul", may be, despite all efforts. I guess they picked up some of Italian "technology" but failed to contract any of Italian "spirit" :(