Saturday, January 23, 2010

Alexander Valley Cabarnet Savingnin 2006 Kirkland : from Costco review

It is no secret that Costco's Kirkland brand is a quality one. While
Pasific Norwest is washed in quality local, Californian and import
wine, picking one is a chalange. I love local Red Diamond, it is very
fruity one, but in a good way. I picked Kirkland out of curiosity. A
few days ago I opened it up. I am not a wine snob by any mean, I just
like wine that taste good to me: that means red, rich wine, bitter not
too sweet or sour and with aroma of oak. I like simple flavour and can
enjoy some fruity notes. I like it balanced and nice after taste. Just
like beer I like my wine smooth and some times enjoy chilly red wine,
while it may not be an ortodox thing, but my wine should taste good
cold. Naturaly, not every wine will match with me and I can reject
even aclimed vintadge in favor of cheap local one.

OK, so Kirkland Cabarnet is a wine I like. It can be enjoed over week,
and tolerated my refrigerator well with rubber vacume stope without
loosing flavour.

It is not fruity, but had nice oak aroma: no wonder, they call it
master cask series X, 20 month in American oak.

It should tolerate up to 2012 acirding to the label.

Bottom line: I realy enjoy this wine with rustic baget and Italian
olive oil: simple life plesures :-)

Highly recomended.