Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pizza party at Mario's FIFO bistro

Today Mario dropped his no-pizza ban. He started to consume it again and we had a pizza party after a long dry spell. While I do not feel like making pizza outside in my backyard, Mario build a very cosy bistro. FIFO bistro, because unlike backyard settings it has a limit on number of guests.

So, it was nice, but short, as it was in mid-week and I had to run back home with kids. No drunk dance on the table and staff.

Mario was teaching, but he managed to make a lot of pizzas himself. This is his latest invention: half pizza half calzone: Pizalsone. :-)

While I do not eat meat, I think it looks very sexy: I could not resist but "lift" Pizalsone lips while taking a picture so you can see a beautiful pink inside :-) (my gustro-sexual sense of humor again)

Bravo maestro. Mario! Great Success!