Sunday, March 27, 2011

Taratoria Piano in Nara

Located in the center, in arcade near Lake exit. Try it. Pizaola trained in Italy and he use all the right ingredients, he also nice, smily dude. Place looks cool, and oven shaped like a piano ;-). But he seems to put too much cheese last time we been there and his pie still lack some thing (soul? If it exist, or may be salt? - go figure) how sad it is, it was still less than our expectations even so we love eat there and kids love pizza, I wish pizaola master the last step and bake his technically excellent pizza with more soul. I will be happy to have him on our next pizza party: our technique is not as polished, but I think we manage to do it on a good sunny day :-) anyway, real pizzerias are rare in Japan, so please try and be your own judge. May be it will go better with wine and music they have some times ;-)