Friday, October 12, 2007

Feedback ...

I was working hard this Friday and night before after long wait, but I did not rush:

I designed and counted and "sleept on it" for a few days after I got my Italian stones.

I asked friend's advice: location and design seems to be nailed before I started to dig.

Mario and my kids got all exited about work site in my backyard. :-)

My best part provided some points on the project :

1)Will pressure be too much so it will rip open corner? ( Weight of oven and stones).

I think not: it is distributed over 4X6 and soil should behave much "better" then water ( or gas) for Pascal law, so, even that little pressure increase ( like one man standing on top) will not get fully delivered to wood, that is very massive and should handle much bigger pressure. In any case, if we will see any signs of land slide we should repair : that may happen but as result of general soil movement on our hill area. I any case I would be more concerned about our house then small oven for that scenario.

2)Oven height: oven table will be 16 inch higher then corner: nice height for table, but she is concerned it is too high: we will see about that, I am more afraid that it is a bit low.

3) 2x4 foot marble area seems too big and may run too hot ( next to oven door), but I think it
should be nice , I do not think 2 foot is much for pizza oven front tray, from what I saw.

4) Roof arch is not perfect arch ( as Turkish used to make). May be she is right, but I will just try to do same shape oven stone have to make it visually match. Nobody gona walk on
it (I will kick that person ass if they will try) and any locking shape (bricks locks in this one ) will be more then oven needs. In any case, all red bricks is for look only: it is decoration and I will try to match oven door and front stone shape: round shape will not work with parabolic shape of oven mouth well, I think.

Anyway, if you have any other feedback about design ( location feedback is closed : I put a slab alredy), give it to me ... before it will be MORTAR time ( I will start put first layer after I am sure slab is really solid) :-)