Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pizza oven floor on base!

I utilized nice weather this morning to mount some insulation and oven
pre-casted floor . That should mainly hide my mistakes and molded
part should look and work perfect. I hope that multiple layers and
cavities as well as reflecting material should provide enough
insulation. The more the better, of course, but I was a bit afraid to
put too much fiber wool under oven: it may allow movement by reducing
friction, so it can potentially shift and crack walls . Even small layer
is some concern: I do not know for sure how much insulation it
provides and how much it reduce stability. But it feels just about
right and I think it us good from many point of view: it is also allow
base stones to better seat of not perfectly flat bricks and should
accommodate shrinking and expansion of base when oven is working, so
foundation bricks should be safer from cracking. I used bricks and
marvel tiles to position thing right and allow enough space for walls,
side and back insulation wool and front table . Front table will be
big, but it should be nice and we will need to use pizza and bread
pilers to work out with fire. It is a bit late to change design and I
still like it. Look on it: it looks good! We will have pizza soon!!!!