Friday, October 12, 2007

Stones on the diet?

When I was unloading stones I paid attention that some of the side
arch are heavier then others. I atributed to my streatched left hand.
Today I weighted all 4 side arches . While all were diferen 2 was 39
and 38 kilogram, while 2 others like 24 and 25. That is very diferen I
would say. They look a bit diferent too, lighter ones more grainy and
less dence. At least in my case I got 2 pairs so one may be front and
one back. I can only speculate that closer to fire or door you need
diferent termal properties: lighter ones will not retain as much
energy. I would say it may be 2 times diference. It may be that they
have light and heavy oven models or just have a very loosy quiality
control. Mario please ask ASAP: I do not want to monument my mistake
in stone;-) I would also recomend both of you weight at least side
peaces: in ether case most unlikly you want have 2 diferent on each
side: oven should probably be at least symerical in this dention:-)