Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Italian Picaso :-)

I am at a critical point now. I have to assemble oven heart. I hope that flat parts do not have sides, but I am not sure. Main issue is these roof stones. I wish I had manual. RTFM... But there is none. Italians are too creative or do not like LEGO, do not know :-) Dan has same set as I do : 2 heavy and 2 light and we both got lucky : we have F-M match. Mario, seems to get screwed again. After taking broken part for the team, he said he only have one light arch ! I asked him to weight again :-) Assuming he got same shit 2-2... where lighter arc goes ? Closer to oven mouth or back ? Our favorite theory is light to front, because fire is in the back, so heavier stones get more heat there and both halves should be ready at the same time. Hm... Less popular theory say : do reverse. Heavier stones closer to mouth will help to keep temperature more stable, because heat loss is bigger there. Ideally, company that made oven should tell us what to do... but time is ticking and I want my pizza:-) Should we just ask a woman and do opposite ?! Last minor issue is internal oven mouth gate ( not decoration one). It has some kind of cave , but very small on one side. I wonder if I should put it out or in. I do not know if this is for door, if you do not buy decoration or to create some fine air flow if you turn it inside. :-) I like to do things right... and even if any configuration will some how work and nobody will pay atantion, I do not want pizza god look on my creation from heaven and laugh that I put oven nose on it's ass :-) in Italian Picasso kind of way :-)