Friday, October 5, 2007

Real stone mock up in position #2

I had to move stones from outside where we droped them to backyard.
Instead of just storing I put them together to primary candidate spot
so I can see if it a right place. See for yourself. Main benefits of
these location are:
1)No need to build foundation, just pure in quickcrete and build on top.
2)cemented deck next to it that east to cover with temporary roof.both
are off sight if kitchen and will not hide light, while may improve
projector room if needed.
3) look like good wind protection and goes there naturaly.


1) water tends to acumulate on stone deck suffice: may be a good
problem to address byitself and cover may help.
2) may nor be weather proof enough for winter parties compare to green
house location for example
3) not as cool as idea to build a railroad and mount oven in stylized
steam engeen with green house diner coach;-)