Sunday, October 28, 2007

To do..,

Oven is not fully done yet. Here is a list of thins I am going to do:

1) fire it up for 5 or more days in the raw to prime chamber. Bringing
temperature higher and higher
2) get tools: peels ( round and square) , brash, termometer.
3) small ash disposal tools and basket.
4) get bricks and more mortar and finish roof
5) make marble table
6) cut out chimney top and install it
7) clean work site
8) see if bread machine good enough or buy dough mixer

In the future I think to make roof under oven and may be put gas
buster. Mario suggest to make side table on right with roof . I may
need extra garden furniture for parties and other staff may be outdoor
speakers ... We will see... That will be done gradualy as I see need .

I plan to have first pizza party , for closest friends on next week
end. Hope Mario can come over again and we will make pizza !!! Pizza
forever :-)