Friday, October 12, 2007

Mock up is done!!!

That is about it Simple design by Russian space engineer and rocket
scientist. Note that mortar goes between bricks so it will be less
bricks but more chalange to align sizes. Also I will put orange marble
2x4 tiles on front as table for pizza preparation. It may be a bit
hot, but my back yard us not as big as Marios. Also I can use extra
table if needed, but having nice big area in front of oven seems a
nice idea to me anyway ... I still have bricks left: these and what
left after mortar spacing will go for roof. I would like make round
roof just like oven shape . Insulation come in gap and I got some more
for back just in case. I will need to work out chimnay and front
finish as well as may be painting or paving blocks. We will see. I try
to get some extra space by spacing : 4x6does not look like a huge
space: it is all very compact despite almost 3 tons:-)