Monday, October 1, 2007

Not Here ... yet ...

My father came and left, Mario got Ebola virus and recovered. Rainy season started again in our part of the globe. Oven bricks from Italy is not here yet. If you want to build pizza oven you should look on my experience and learn. While building oven from fire bricks may be more challenging, you can get it shipped to you for next to nothing and start your project in a week time ( it is USA, baby!). If you want to go trough all the hustle my best pizza oven broker Mario is going , pay thousands of dollars and wait for like 2 years, just walk in my steps :-) ( it is Italy ! bambina sara!)

Do not be scared to use fire bricks : if you played with Lego you should be fine and you will surely beat me in time-to-market . :-)